Sinto Red ETA Polyester

ST-PE Polyester ETA Certified

Dual component polyester resin (styrene free), certified ETA-CE option 7

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  • ETA Certified for Non Cracked Concrete
  • Volatile Organic Compound ( Low VOC) rating A+
  • No shrinkage after curing time
  • Reduced anchors spacing and edge distance
  • Quick setting and curing times
  • Easy and quick to use


  • Balustrades
  • Partitions
  • HVAC
  • Signs
  • Electrical switchboards
  • Infrastructure construction: sound barriers, high rise construction, roads and bridges
  • Production facilities (conveyor lines, cranes etc)
Item code Contents (ml) Pcs. per carton
DGE 01 00 300 300 15

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