Sinto Blue ETA Vinylester

ST-VE Vinylester ETA Approved High Strength

Dual component vinylester resin (styrene free), certified ETA-CE option 1 and option 7, fast cure, non sag for threaded rod and rebar.

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  • Certification ETA – CE Otion 1, Option 7, ETAG 001 – Part 1 and Part 5 – TR023
  • Excellent for applications with rebar
  • ETA approved for use in cracked and non cracked concrete
  • Can be used in wet or flooded holes
  • Volatile Organic Compound (Low VOC) rating A+
  • Heavy-duty loads
  • Almost no shrinkage after curing time
  • Quick setting and curing times


  • Post installed rebar connections
  • Structural steel anchoring
  • Balustrades and guard rails
  • Infrastructure and civil engineering (Safety barriers, Bridges, Airports)
  • Foundations
  • Earthquake strengthening and seismic applications
  • Electrical Insulator for Rail and other electrical applications
  • Adverse Conditions: – Diamond Core Drilled Holes – Dry, Damp and Wet
Item code Contents (ml) Pcs. per carton
DGE 02 00 400 400 12
DGE 02 00 300 300 15

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