Wood Screw – Wafer Head

Wood Screw, Large Wafer Head, CorrSeal

CE European Certification & RISE Certification

Class for corrosion resistance:
C4 for outdoor use

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The wood screw WAF is produced in hardened steel with Silver CorrSeal C4 classified surface treatment for indoor environments. The screw has a large head diameter which produces a very high clamping force during installation. The head also has a very low inset height, which can be an advantage during installation. It is equipped with 1 fiber cut in the tip, which gives the screw a low drive-in torque in wood and minimizes the risk of splintering. On longer screws, there is an additional fiber cut directly after the usual wood thread, this is to facilitate installation of longer and thicker screws. The underside of the screw head is designed so that it fits properly when installed in beams and timber brackets. ESSVE Wood screw WAF conforms to the CE requirement according to EN 14592. The screw is fitted with TX-bit drive.


ESSVE’s Wood screw WAF with 1 fiber cut in the tip and TX drive intended for most installation work in wood, chipboard, plywood, etc. both indoors and outdoors

Recommended rpm: 400-1200/min

Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
113194 Wood Screw Wafer Head 5.0mm x 40mm Torx 25 CorrSeal 200
113196 Wood Screw Wafer Head 5.0mm x 50mm Torx 25 CorrSeal 200
113198 Wood Screw Wafer Head 5.0mm x 60mm Torx 25 CorrSeal 100
113200 Wood Screw Wafer Head 5.0mm x 70mm Torx 25 CorrSeal 100
113122 Wood Screw Wafer Head 6.0mm x 200mm Torx 25 CorrSeal 50
113128 Wood Screw Wafer Head 8.0mm x 60mm Torx 25 CorrSeal 50
113156 Wood Screw Wafer Head 10.0mm x 80mm Torx 25 CorrSeal 50

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