Wedge Anchor – Galvanised

Golden Anchor, Hot Dip Galvanised


CE European Certification

Class for corrosion resistance:

C3 for outdoor use

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Golden Anchor is a stud bolt expander which in its lower section, the anchoring section, has a stainless clip that expands up on the tapered part of the bolt when tightened. The upper section is equipped with an external thread with a flange nut, i.e. a combined nut and washer. In order to avoid damage to the bolt threads when inserting, the upper section features an impact head. When the drill diameter is equal to the screw diameter contact is created between the hole wall and the clip even when Golden Anchor is knocked into the hole. When the flange nut is tightened the bolt is forced outwards, whereby the clip is forced to expand up on the tapered section. The hot dip galvanized versions of the Golden anchor are made of carbon steel inclusive of a strength grade minimum; 5.8 with stainless clips.


ESSVE Golden Anchor is designed for fastening in concrete and natural stone. Ideally Golden Anchor can be used in applications where high-load demands are made on the fixing. Golden Anchor can for example be used when fixing wooden studs/steel joists as well as sills and facade studs, fixing brackets, z-iron, wrought iron designs, etc.


  1. Place the part in position. Drill holes with the same drill diameter as the bolt, see min. drilling depth in the Load table. No blow cleaning is required, only basic cleaning with the drill.
  2. Knock in the expander bolt to the correct installation depth, see min. installation depth in the Load table.
  3. Tighten the nut to the specified torque, see Load Table or Technical data. The installation is finished.
Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
306801 Wedge Anchor 8.0mm x 75mm 13mm Hex Galvanised 50

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