Tomahawk StructaFix™ concrete screw anchor carbon steel

Tomahawk StructaFix™ concrete screw anchor carbon steel – corrosion resistance 10/12mm (ETA Option 1)

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  • Structural steel applications
  • Heavy HVAC
  • Formwork and bracing
  • Infrastructure & civil engineering e.g. bridges
  • Heavy duty machinery
  • Data centres and high-risk applications
  • Concrete, brick block and timber
  • Base plate fastening in steel and metal construction
  • Bottom and top plate for timber to concrete


  • ETA OPTION 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • Mechanical galvanised – Corrosion resistant (1,000 hours salt spray test)
  • Fire rated R120
  • Simply drill and drive – Time efficient installation through streamlined procedure
  • Integral washer ensures a neat overall appearance
  • Unique design with patented thread form ensures high performance
  • Non-expansion functioning ensures low risk of damage to base material
  • For use with concrete, brick and block
Item code Description Drill diam. mm Pcs. per box Pcs. per carton
ETHWHCSB10140G 10 x 140mm 10 50 150
ETHWHCSB12105G 12 x 105mm 12 50 300
ETHWHCSB12150G 12 x 150mm 12 25 100


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