Tomahawk FastFix™ screw anchor

Tomahawk FastFix™ CSK / Hex concrete screw RUSPERT® corrosion resistant – Torx drive

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  • For fixing timber to concrete or brick/ blockwork
  • Domed washered head for high clamping force
  • Non-expansion for close to concrete edge
  • Can also be used for timber to timber applications
  • Fully removable design (nothing left in the concrete)
  • Great for bottom plate timber to concrete fixing
  • No licence required – unlike with shot fired pin and charge
  • Performance derived in accordance with AS 1720.1 – 2010 (Timber Structures).

Long-lasting performance

  • Simply drill and drive – Time efficient installation through streamlined procedure
  • Unique design with patented thread ensures high performance
  • Non-expansion functioning ensures low risk of damage to base material
  • For use in concrete, brick and block
  • TX30 for stronger grab when setting
  • Removable


  • Superior holding strength
  • Corrosion-resistant and long-lasting performance due to the innovative RUSPERT® blue coating- (1,000 hours salt spray test)
Item code Description Drill diam. mm Driver / nut setter Pcs. per box Pcs. per carton
ETCS6.5045CSK 6.5 x 45mm 5 TX30 100 3200
ETCS6.5058CSK 6.5 x 58mm 5 TX30 100 1600
ETCS6.5070CSK 6.5 x 70mm 5 TX30 100 1600
ETCS6.5083CSK 6.5 x 83mm 5 TX30 100 1600
ETCS6.5100CSK 6.5 x 100mm 5 TX30 100 1600
Hex head
ETHS6.5032HEX 6.5 x 32mm 5 5/16” HEX 100 3200


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