Tapping Screw – Stainless

Tapping Screw, Stainless

Class for corrosion resistance:
C5 for outdoor use

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The screw is made of Stainless steel – A4. Pan headed with PZ bit fit. Manufactured according to ISO 7049.


The self-tapping screw with a sharp tip is for mounting sheet metal outdoors.

Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
9550072 Self-Tapping 3.5mm x 16mm PZ 2 Stainless 200
9550086 Self-Tapping 4.2mm x 25mm PZ 2 Stainless 200
9550088 Self-Tapping 4.2mm x 32mm PZ 2 Stainless 200
9550100 Self-Tapping 4.8mm x 13mm PZ 2 Stainless 200
9550106 Self-Tapping 4.8mm x 19mm PZ 2 Stainless 200
9550108 Self-Tapping 4.8mm x 38mm PZ 2 Stainless 200

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