SubLoc® PRO SCRAIL® – Strip

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  • Fastening timber subfloors
  • Plywood to timber fixing
  • Timber to timber fixing


  • Compatible with common nail guns
  • Two times faster than collated screws
  • Eight times faster than bulk screws
  • Saves time and labour costs
  • Suitable for practically every screw-fastening application
  • Easily installed, quickly removed (Square Drive)
  • Increased holding power versus nails (41% higher holding power than an annular groove nail)
  • 80% of the holding power of as screw and with more ductility
  • Patented Diamond Coating (polymeric bonding agent) to provide professional squeak-free subfloors
Item code inner Ø outer Ø Length Finish Drive Type  Scrail Per Pack
NZBK2.8/3.2X57SLPGD 2.8mm 3.2mm 57mm Interior – electro galvanize Square 33° Strip 1,000
NZBK2.8/3.2X57SLFC 2.8mm 3.2mm 57mm Exterior – FasCoat® (2,000 test hrs) Square 33° Strip 1,000

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