Serrated Lock Washer

Lock Washer, Toothed, Bright Zinc Plated

Class for corrosion resistance:
C1 for indoor use

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The Lock washer is made of steel with a bright zinc-plated surface treatment for indoor use. The washer is manufactured according to the standard DIN 6798.


The Lock washer is intended for installation where a certain degree of joint locking is required. Locking occurs due to the friction created by the lock washer between the screw head and the substrate. On joints where greater demands are made on strength a high lock nut should be used or nuts with pre-applied locking element that is permanently fused in the screw threads.


A bolt in a particular strength class fitted with a nut in the corresponding strength class is designed to form a joint in which one can obtain a preload in the bolt corresponding to the test force without the risk of the thread shearing. It is important to choose the right type of washer to suit the installation.

Item code Description Size Finish Pcs. per box
61068136 Serrated Lock Washer M4 Zinc Plated 400

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