Self-Drilling Screw – Stainless

Marutex Stainless Steel Hex Washer Face Screw (HWF) with a bonded washer for weather tightness.

CE European Certification

Class for corrosion resistance:
C4 for outdoor use

Approval Logo
Approval Logo

The screw is made of Marutex stainless steel and is equipped with hex-head.
The screw is self-drilling and tapping.


The ESSVE Marutex self-drilling screw designed for roof and façade applications, i.e. installation of sheet-metal on beams, sheet-metal on light beams, and sheet-against-sheet (overlap).


A torx driver with a hex bit should be used for quick and efficient installation.
Recommended rpm: 1200-2200/min.

Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
63725 Self-Drilling 4.8mm x 19mm 8mm Hex Stainless 250

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