Rapid Wood Adhesive

Wood Adhesive, Rapid

For indoor use, not in constantly humid environments. Good adhesion to wood, stone, concrete, plasterboard and cellular plastic. Does not have to cure under pressure, one side needs to absorb moisture. Fixates in 30 sec but achieves full strength after a few days. Flexible wood adhesive. Un-cured adhesive is cleaned with water or cleaning wipes.


Recently prepared timber surfaces will yield the greatest bond performance. The Rapid Wood Adhesive should be applied evenly and thinly over one of the two bonding surfaces. The two surfaces should then be pressed together, while the adhesive is wet, using even pressure. The minimum recommended press time is 30 minutes at room temperature, however parts are best left clamped for approximately four hours, and will reach full strength in one to two days, depending on the timber, temperature and humidity. Ideally the timber would have a moisture content of around 8 –12%.


  • Does not flow
  • A little flexible
  • Working temp: +5 to +40°C
  • Store in room temperature, max +25°


  • For indoor use.
  • For all types of applications where traditional wood adhesive is used.
  • Does not require pressure to achieve adhesion.
  • Since the product is gap-filling the surfaces do not need to be completely even in order to get a good adhesion.
Item code Description Size Pcs. per box
118692 Rapid Wood Adhesive 225mL 1

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