Metal Nail Plug

Metal Nail Plug – Spix

Class for corrosion resistance:
C2 for indoor use

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Spix consists of a nail and an expander sleeve with a large collar. The sleeve is manufactured from zinc alloy, which gives good corrosion resistance. The nail consists of hardened carbon steel with a bright zinc plated surface treatment.


ESSVE Spix can be used for the installation of steel joists/drywall studs and purlins against concrete. An excellent supplement to firing nails.


Drill a hole, push Spix into the hole and hit the nail with a hammer. This is an easy and quick installation.

Item code Description Size Finish Pcs. per box
105251 Metal Nail Plug 5.0mm x 22mm CorrSeal 100
511682 Metal Nail Plug 6.0mm x 40mm CorrSeal 100

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