Lightweight Concrete Screw

RISE CorrSeal


Class for corrosion resistance:
C4 for outdoor use

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Lightweight Concrete Screw, Countersunk Head, CorrSeal

Lightweight concrete screw’s thread is designed for porous materials such as lightweight concrete. The countersunk screw is equipped with cutting grooves to minimize the risk of over-tightening and facilitate countersinking in wood.


ESSVE Lightweight concrete screw is used for anchoring in porous materials such as lightweight concrete, also known as Leca, Ytong, Siporex, Blue concrete, etc. The lightweight concrete screw can be used to install wooden studs and steel joists to the base materials such as; sill installation, installing fittings securing insulation etc. For the installation ESSVE Insulation holder’s Washer Ø90 mm, can be used. The screw is classified in corrosivity category C4, which means it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.


The lightweight concrete screw is screwed directly into the lightweight concrete, i.e. no pre-drilling is required. A torque screwdriver is recommended for installation. Use a low speed on the screwdriver to avoid over-tightening the screw. Over-tightening can mean that the thread is stripped, which greatly reduces the load capacity and a new installation should be carried out.

Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
105301 Lightweight Concrete Screw 8.0mm x 65mm Torx 30 CorrSeal 100
105303 Lightweight Concrete Screw 8.0mm x 90mm Torx 30 CorrSeal 100

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