Key Ceiling Anchor

Class for corrosion resistance:
C1 for indoor use

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Key Ceiling Anchor, Electro-Zinc Plated

It is made of hardened spring steel with a bright zinc plated surface treatment. The blade section has an oval hole with a height of 5.0 mm and length of 21 mm as well as a center hole Ø8 mm.


ESSVE Key anchor is designed for the suspension of pipes, sprinklers, false ceilings and ventilation ducts in concrete, brick, stone material or hollow core slab/hollow blocks. The key anchor must be used together with hangers or “patent band” and then provides a flexible fastening system.


The key anchor is knocked into the pre-drilled 8 mm hole. When installing, the key anchor’s

tubular section is pressed together and grips in the hole.

Load Capacity:

This fixing has a load rating of up to 110kg or 1.1kN.

Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
305005 Key Anchor 8.0mm x 32mm Hammer Zinc plated 90

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