HammerFix – Stainless

Nail Plug with Collar, Stainless Steel

 Class for corrosion resistance:
C4 for outdoor use

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A special ribbed nail which is pre-fitted in a plug. The plug has a short expansion section for solid homogeneous materials described above. The plug is manufactured of nylon.


ESSVE Nail Plug is designed for easier installation of battens, skirting, linings, fittings, cabinets and the like in materials such as concrete, solid brick, natural stone and hollow core slab.


For dimension 10 mm the plug and nails are supplied separated in the pack and the plug must first be pushed into the hole and then the nail is knocked in. The nail head has a Pozidrive-cross. The nail plug can then be easily removed

Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
304760 Tap-It 5.0mm x 35mm PZ 2 Stainless 200

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