ESSVE Pan Head Machine Screw with a Nut – Zinc

Machine Screw with a Nut, Pan Head, Electro Zinc Plated

Class for corrosion resistance:

C1 for indoor use


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The screw is made from hardened carbon steel in grade 4.8 with a bright zinc plated surface treatment. The screw has a round head with a Pan Head bit drive.


Machine screws are used for all types of installations where a fully threaded metric screw is required.


In order for a bolted joint to work correctly and be able to hold varying loads for long periods the bolts must be preloaded by tightening with a given torque. Preloading must normally be held to such a level that the combined load in the bolt does not exceed the bolt material’s tensile yield limit. For the correct installation of a machine screw grade 4.8 to be correct a flat washer of at least HV140 hardness should be used.

Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
530020 Pan Head 5.0mm x 12mm Pan Head 2 Zinc plated 12
530022 Pan Head 5.0mm x 20mm Pan Head 2 Zinc plated 12
530026 Pan Head 5.0mm x 30mm Pan Head 2 Zinc plated 10
530036 Pan Head 6.0mm x 20mm Pan Head 3 Zinc plated 10
530038 Pan Head 6.0mm x 30mm Pan Head 3 Zinc plated 10

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