Class for corrosion resistance:

Both water and snow resistant

ESSBOX Mini Case

  • The case can withstand rough handling and resists both rain and snow.
  • The case lid has a padded foam interior, that molds to the boxes and seals tight.
  • It prevents the contents spilling from the packages, irrespective of whether the lid is fitted.
  • The octagonal pattern in the bottom of the case keeps the boxes in place even if the case is not fully loaded.
  • The cases are stackable.
  • Meets IP43 requirements
  • Made of 100% ABS
  • Recyclable
  • Smart storage solutions for cars are available as accessories


No assembly required


ESSVE’s ESSBOX are compatible with the entire ESSVE range, creating a comprehensive storage system for all your fastening needs.

Item code Description Pcs. per box
460969 ESSBOX Mini 1

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