ESSVE Concrete Screw with Eye

Concrete Screw ECS-O with Eye, Electro Zinc Plated

Class for corrosion resistance:

C1 for indoor use

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This is a hardened concrete screw that is installed directly into a pre-drilled hole, without a plug. It has hi-low thread technology that provides excellent load capacity and facilitates an easy installation. The screw’s electro-zinc-plated surface treatment is suitable for indoor use in corrosive category C1. According to ISO 9223 typical environments that correspond to corrosive category C1 are heated spaces with low humidity and insignificant pollution e.g. offices, shops, schools, hotels.


ESSVE’s Concrete Screw ECS is an affordable concrete screw for simpler applications where the assembly does not require ETA approval. Can be used in the following; Concrete, Wood, Brick and Hollow Core Concrete.


  1. Drill a hole with a 5mm concrete drill bit.
  2. Use the mounting tool to insert the concrete screw eye.
  3. Screw the screw eye into place to complete the installation.
Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
105275 Concrete screw 6.3(5)mm x 30mm Mounting Tool – Concrete Screw Eye Zinc plated 100

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