ESSVE Aluminium Blind Rivet

Blind Rivet, Aluminum

Class for corrosion resistance:

C2 for indoor use

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This Blind rivet is made from Aluminium and has a corrosion resistance rating of C2 which means it is intended for indoors use. It is a very versatile product with a great array of applications being possible.


Blind rivets are intended for a wide array of purposes inclusive of attaching a number of materials together such as the joint between two metal plates. 

Item code Description Size Finish Pcs. per box
612100 Blind Rivet 3.2mm x 6mm Zinc Plated 25
612101 Blind Rivet 3.2mm x 8mm Zinc Plated 25
612102 Blind Rivet 3.2mm x 10mm Zinc Plated 25
612103 Blind Rivet 4.0mm x 6mm Zinc Plated 25
612104 Blind Rivet 4.0mm x 8mm Zinc Plated 25
612105 Blind Rivet 4.0mm x 10mm Zinc Plated 20
612110 Blind Rivet 4.8mm x 10mm Zinc Plated 15
612112 Blind Rivet 4.8mm x 12mm Zinc Plated 15

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