Decking Screw – HDS

HDS Decking Screw for Concealed Installation in Wooden Joists, Stainless Steel


CE European Certification

Class for corrosion resistance:

C4 for outdoor use

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Approval Logo

The screw is made of stainless steel A2. The arrow shaped point minimizes the risk of splintering and reduces the drive-in torque. There is also a thread below the head that creates a high clamping force between the decking board and the supporting joist, the cylindrical head gives a barely visible entry hole. The screw is fitted with TX-bit drive and conforms to the CE requirement set out in EN14592.


ESSVE’s HDS Decking screw A2 is intended for concealed installation of common pressure-treated decking timber. The screw is installed in the side of the decking board with the help of a specially adapted bit and an installation tool.


The 4.8 x 60mm Decking screw 4.8 x 60 mm is designed for timber thicknesses between 25 – 34mm with a maximum width of 145 mm, use the installation tool for timber width 110 – 150 mm. Recommended rpm: approx. 400-1200/min.

Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
701562 Decking Screw 4.8mm x 60mm Torx 15 Stainless Steel 250

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