Concrete Screw EUS

CE European Certification and ETA

Class for corrosion resistance:
C3 for outdoor use

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Concrete Screw, Hex Head with Flange, EUS, Ruspert

The screw has a strong induction hardened tip that easily cuts thread in soft and hard concrete (C20/25 – C50/60). The body of the screw is more ductile to accommodate for installations that are slightly non-perpendicular. The Hi-Low thread provides very good load values and facilitates the assembly. The Ruspert surface treatment gives a minimum of 15 years lifetime in corrosivity category C3. Which corresponds to installation in outdoor areas with moderate amount of air pollutants, such as urban areas and light industrialized areas according to ISO 9223. According to Eurocode-guidelines (EN 1992-4) stainless steel concrete screws should be used in outdoor and permanently damp indoor environments to obtain a minimum 50-year lifetime.


ESSVE concrete screw EUS is a high-quality concrete screw designed for installation where high safety assembly is required, e.g. balcony railings, fall protection, steel plates, etc. It is CE-marked through an ETA (Option 1) and approved for use in both cracked and uncracked concrete.


When assembling, an impact driver is recommended. The concrete screw does not require a preload torque to ensure the fixing (such as e.g. wedge anchors) The final torque applied should not be larger than what is required to mount the detail. Avoid over-tightening. Further information of the installation is included in the ETA.

Item code Description Size Driver Finish Pcs. per box
105707 Hex-Head Concrete Screw 10.5mm x 75mm Hex 13mm Ruspert 50
105713 Hex-Head Concrete Screw 12.5mm x 85mm Hex 13mm Ruspert 25
105715 Hex-Head Concrete Screw 12.5mm x 100mm Hex 13mm Ruspert 25

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